Words from those touched by Serenity House

On my return trip home to New Jersey after visiting Jean this past weekend, the image of Serenity House and the many servants in support of its mission kept me with feelings of comfort and warmth during the winter weather transition from upper New York through the southern tier into balmy (40 degrees!) New Jersey.

Comfort in the sense that in this current world of seemingly constant confrontation and human disrespect for the value of life itself, tucked back in a little niche southeast of Victor, New York, there is a home with a glorious halo surrounding it that is a majestic haven to two visitors on their final journey.

Warmth in knowing that those two visitors, and their families, will be cared for with love, dignity and reverence for the gift of life by special people until they too will leave Serenity House for another journey.

Worldly gifts cannot compete with the personal gifts of love contributed by the Serenity House support family. -James

In caring for our mother, you gave us a rare and precious gift. For that alone, we could never find a way to express our love and gratitude. Your time and attentive care gave us the chance to redeem time that would otherwise have been spent attending to practical issues. But the most priceless sacrifice you gave us was each of your hearts. For each time you held mom’s hand, or kissed her, or washed her, or fed her-for each time you prayed for her, shed a tear for her and loved her-we will be eternally grateful. -Coe Family
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Words will never express the magnitude of our gratitude to you for the loving care you gave to my friend. Thank you! You and your good works will always be in my prayers. -Ellen

Even though it is hard to lose a loved one, it’s a comfort to know that they will leave this world with the dignity that they deserve. -Billee

Thank you, isn’t enough for the wonderful work you all did for my sister; the loving ways and kindness you administered to her as well as all her family in taking care of her; it truly was appreciated. I’m sure God smiles down on each and every one of you. -Barbara
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I think often of all the wonderful people who took such loving and compassionate care of my husband. My children and I feel that God was with us when the last bed became available in your home. Thank you all again. -Leila

My mom loved angels, in her final weeks, in the serenity of a special house, she found them. -Allison
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2 thoughts on “Words from those touched by Serenity House

  1. “…My wholehearted and sincere gratitude for everything you did for my dad while he was with you, and for the love and support you gave me on the weekends when I came to stay at Serenity House to be near him. You listened to dad tell of his experiences during the war, you brought a laptop in to show him his home town of Hamburg, Germany on Google Earth, you made him laugh, lessened his pain, and gave him peace.

    With special thanks, fond memories, and many blessings for all of you…”

    ~ Petra

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