Serenity House of Victor

Comfort Care


Have you ever done something to help someone that made you feel just as good if not better than the person you helped? That’s the feeling our volunteers experience when caring for our terminally ill residents at Serenity House of Victor. Our volunteers are here for many reasons: some want to “pay back” the care they once received when their loved one was ill.  Some heard about the great experience a friend had volunteering with us.  Some read about us in the news and just want to help, and finally, some are friends and family members of past residents.

What do Volunteers Do at Serenity House?

Our volunteers are the backbone of the House and do everything you would do at your own home. In addition to caring for the daily physical needs of the residents, our volunteers often find themselves comforting by holding hands, reading aloud, talking, laughing and sometimes crying with the residents and their families. In order to keep the house maintained you may be asked to do laundry, empty wastebaskets, run the dishwasher, and run errands. All volunteers work 4-hour shifts, in pairs, and there is always a nurse on-call.

Some of our non-caregiver volunteers mow the lawn, maintain flower gardens, plow and shovel snow and do household repairs. Others help with our many fundraisers such as the Annual Gala, Golf Tournament, Holiday Cookie Walk and more. To learn more about our fundraising events check out our Events Page.
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Donate Your Time at Serenity House:

We are staffed around the clock by a team of fully trained volunteers and on-call medical professionals. Any skill level is welcomed and will be trained and assigned according to your comfort level. The shifts for volunteers are 4 hour durations with flexibility to days and times that are mutually beneficial to you and to the needs of the residents.

 Donate Your Time at Our Events:

Donate your time at our events and have some fun too! We have numerous events over the course of the year that range from the annual gala to a holiday cookie walk. These are fantastic opportunities to meet some new friends, feel a sense of accomplishment and provide much needed assistance, whereby the fruits of your labor ultimately benefit the residents and families of Serenity House of Victor. Please take a peek at our upcoming events (click here to see our events) and contact Kayko Jarmusz. We look forward to meeting you, or for those that have volunteered before, we look forward to seeing you again!

How do I become a Serenity House Volunteer?

Please use our Caregiver Volunteer Application at the link below – then we will call you to schedule an interview and tour of the House. All training is done “hands-on”. You will shadow with senior volunteers. You will also be given an easy-to-read training manual which explains how to care for the residents as well as a guide through the dying process.